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International services

We provide our services in Czech, English, and Italian. As a RENOMIA NETWORK member, we can also utilize all expertise and services of the prestigious Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), which operates in more than 100 countries, employs 18 000 people, and manages more than USD 25 bn. worth of insurance premium.

International services

RENOMIA NETWORK’s international services are handled by a specialized department which employs experienced professionals who have long-term practice and excellent language skills (English, German, Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish).

International services available to our clients:

  • Possible risks incurred abroad, and their insurance
  • Complex insurance in foreign countries (credit insurance, investment insurance, carrier’s liability insurance, travel insurance, etc.)
  • Securing of large-scale or non-standard risks
  • Possibility of worldwide insurance coverage
  • Knowledge of regulations and legal environment
  • Help with insured events incurred abroad

Access to international know-how

We have access to services, long-standing expertise, and knowledge from foreign bodies in the area of insurance and risk management. Thanks to this, our clients can benefit from an ever increasing quality of services and insurance protection.

Securing of large-scale or "non-standard" risks

We are ready for extraordinarily large-scale or specific risks in areas, such as chemical, power, and mining industry, or telecommunications. Within the framework of effective foreign legislation, we will work out insurance plans, and subsequently ensure claims payment.

Full international knowledge

Thanks to the knowledge of international insurance markets, via world’s leading partners, we are fully informed about price development, conditions, and insurance products, and subsequently share this knowledge with our clients.

Characteristics of our reinsurance programs:

  • Competitive price and extent of insurance coverage
  • Cooperation with renowned reinsurers
  • Ensuring of all possible services
  • Continuous reinsurance supervision
  • Implementation as per effective legislation
  • Cooperation with experienced local insurers


  • The biggest insurance broker in central and eastern Europe
  • International team of experts
  • The best conditions and prices

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