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Why cooperate with an independent insurance broker

The use of external experts in the field of law or tax advice is already quite common practice in the Czech Republic. In this way, companies gain certainty and guarantee of professionally performed work in areas that require expertise. They can thus devote the saved time and energy to the development of their own business.

For the same reason, it is good to entrust the area of insurance risk management to experts who understand the field and are fully responsible for their activities. The expertise of an insurance broker is strictly verified by law, and the Czech National Bank keeps records of it. At the same time, in the vast majority of cases, the broker's work is remunerated through a commission from insurance companies, so companies do not incur any direct costs for this service.

An experienced and professional broker can analyze what risks companies face from their activities, how to deal them in the best way and which insurers to contact. It evaluates whether the offers of insurers meet the requirements of the client, can compare the entire range of coverage offered - not just the final price of insurance. It is therefore clear that such a comprehensive approach to risk management cannot be expected from one's own employee, who will be in charge of insurance in the company. Or, from an employee of an insurance company who offers perhaps the best - but from a limited selection of his own insurance company, not from the entire insurance market.

It is good to realize that the price of insurance is determined by insurers, not a broker. Addressing more brokers with a single demand will therefore not lead to savings on insurance premiums - on the contrary, such approach will bring confusion to the whole process and will rarely bear any fruit. It is much more efficient to spend time choosing one trustworthy partner who will act on your behalf in the insurance market and with whom the cooperation will work for a long time.

And how to choose a broker? Find time, pick out a few brokers, talk to them and meet in person - after all, personal sympathies are important for a successful partnership. Check the references, find out what the broker can offer you. Then you just choose the right one and the next building block of a successful business is laid.

You can also find more detailed tips on choosing a broker on the website of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers.

Looking forward to our cooperation.

Patrik Novák


International Insurance Brokers s. r. o.


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